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About Sievers Pumpen

Sievers Pumpen is a family-owned company specializing in non-contact screwspindlepumps. We draw from decades of experience in pump construction, process engineering, and assembly.

Our pumps are constructed according to the principle of ‘the best of everything’ using the latest technological standards and are entirely manufactured in Germany. We have maximally optimized the design principle of the non-contact displacement pump.

Individual consultation and sustainable support for our customers are important to us because we know from experience that each pump must be tailored to their wishes and requirements.

The pump

With Sievers Pumps, a new and improved generation of non-contact screwspindlepumps enters the market. They are entirely made of stainless steel, featuring innovative design. This provides our customers with a secure and straightforward solution for high demands.

The pump

With Sievers Pumps, a new and improved generation of non-contact screw spindle pumps enters the market. They are entirely made of stainless steel, featuring innovative design. This provides our customers with a secure and straightforward solution for high demands.

Efficient, economical, and service-friendly

The pump is a non-contact screw spindle pump. This means that the spindles and housing do not touch, ensuring abrasion-free operation. This results in a long lifespan of components and reduced maintenance costs. Another advantage of the pump is its smooth operation and the associated low noise level.


The screw spindle technology enables a very gentle and low-pulsation conveyance of the medium. Shear forces on the product are minimal. In high-pressure and long pumping distances, pumps can be connected in series.


The pump is assembled from easily maintainable parts, with the motor directly flanged in block construction. The material used is stainless steel 1.4404, often used in the food industry. The spindles are carburized. For shaft sealing, we have provided, for example, mechanical seals.

CIP cleaning

CIP cleaning and sterilization are possible without elaborate bypass solutions because high speeds can be used, achieving the necessary flow velocity

Consultation & Service

At the center of our work are the wishes of our customers. From the initial offer to delivery and maintenance questions, we stand by their side. We also have an ‘open ear’ for their special requests.


Our pump is flexibly applicable to all flowable media, for products and substances with various consistencies: watery, viscous, chunky, fibrous, or gas-loaded. The viscosity range extends from 1 mPa s to 500,000 mPa s, and depending on the flow behavior, up to 1,000,000 mPa s is possible.


The pump can be delivered with various surface finishes. As a standard, the pump for the food industry is delivered in Ra 0.8.
For the pharmaceutical industry, Ra 0.4 polished is possible upon request. For abrasive substances, the housing parts can be additionally hardened or carburized.


The material execution of elastomers is individually selected for the conveyed medium. HNBR, EPDM, FKM (Viton), and FFKM (Kalrez) are available for this purpose. Additional elastomers are possible upon request.

Mechanical Seals

Whether in single-acting or double-acting design, hygienic mechanical seals are our standard. Various designs are possible here. Silicon carbide pairings or tungsten carbide with knife-edge are always in stock.

Connections for barrier medium

The mechanical seals can be connected in parallel or in series. The position of the connections has been designed in such a way that the mechanical seals are always automatically vented.

Casing seal

Throughout the entire pump, only O-rings are used instead of more expensive molded seals. The positioning of the O-rings is optimally designed to eliminate assembly problems while still meeting all hygiene requirements.


The standard version of our pumps is 1.4404. Upon request, pumps can be manufactured in special materials, such as 1.4435 or 1.4462. Adaptations to existing pipeline systems are possible.


The pumps can be delivered in the following versions:

  • Atex
  • 3-A

Technical Specifications

SSP pumps are versatile.

Food Industry

- Dairy proucts
- Baby food
- Icecream
- Delicacies products
- Cheese
- Meat & Fish

Sauces & Beverages

- Fruit juice
- Fruit concentrates
- Sirups
- Oils
- Wine
- Beer
- Sauces, Mustard, Ketchup


- Care products
- Cremes
- Cleaning products

Other Industries

- Pharmaceuticals
- Chemicals
- Icecream
- Paints & Coatings
- Cleaning Agents

Your Benefits

  • All components of the pump are manufactured in stainless steel.
  • Non-contact
  • Simple positioning (block construction)
  • Gentle Conveyance
  • Low Noise Operation
  • Wide Speed Range
  • Wide Viscosity Range
  • CIP and SIP capable without bypass
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Assembly
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Individual Consultation
  • Long-term Support

Without additional bypass

CIP Cleaning

Technical Precision

Easy Installation


Durable & Flexible

Fulfills all requirements for


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